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What is Design through Public?

A platform that enables both public and designers to interact and share opinions about future visions.

Contribute with your designs

Use your own design to find the publics’ opinion about your future vision. By presenting your work with the help of two tests, the perceived User Experience and Publics’ Emotions are gathered.

Why Design through Public?

A designer is the public watchdog that always sets the evolvement of the society at the very top. Designers are responsible to introduce society to new forms of technological development that will have effect on more people than just the buyer or user of the invention. On the other hand, society needs to be enabled to share their opinions in order to help the designers design our future society. Design Through Public enables both designers and society to participate in the needed conversation. The society shares their opinion by highlighting their emotions provoked by a visual of a designer.

Are you willing to design the future that will embrace and develop society to the next level? Use our tools in an early stage of your design process to iterate and develop your vision faster than ever!

Analyzing the publics’ opinion

Design Through Public enables designers to gather information about the User Experiences of their future visions. Use the tool to find out what the public think and feel about your visions. With the interactive data visualization designers are now able to filter on specific countries, gender, age, and emotions!

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Shared Emotions


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Iterations on Designs

Areas of design

Design Through Public is a tool for every designer in all areas of design. In line with the University of Technology Eindhoven, the following areas are defined.

Note: Unfortunately only the area of Adaptive Mobility is addressed at this moment. The other areas are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Adaptive Mobility


Games and play

Internet of things


Elderly care

Seamless interaction for professionals

Transformative practices

Crafting everyday soft things

Want to contribute and gather the publics’ opinion of your own design?

If you want to be a part of Design through Public, gather information about the User Experience, and provoked emotions of the public of your own design, or do you have more questions?